Hi all! Cooper here. [Musician, and founder at the GuitarSongsMasters.com blog]

I was tired of seeing so many people start learning an instrument only to abandon it within a few months, because of boring or unsatisfying learning experiences - and despite the burning motivation that they had before.

The GuitarHippies courses are different. All learning is focused interactively on YOUR favorite songs, and hearing them coming out of your own hands. For those who learn with us - playing music is associated only with fun and freedom, and they enjoy a never-ending drive to improve. Come learn with us in one of the free or the premium courses. Cheers!

"I took up the guitar at age 66 so it's never too late! Alon's course is delightful in getting you to play songs faster than any other guitar course I know. Quick Gratification, YES! There are many good guitar courses out on the net that are oriented for the patient individual who is willing to invest one of two years to tediously and methodically learn the guitar basics in excruciating detail, BUT . . . Alon's alone gets you playing your personal favorite songs immediately. So it is the best motivator! "

- William (Bill) Loveland, California, on The Guitar Super-Course: Play Your Favorites